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Hiya. I was wondering if anyone happened to know of any soprano ballads from musicals that aren't very well known that I will be able to access pretty easily? Or any good ballads in general? I'm kind of stuck on this college audition thing...I have 4 set up so far. I'm stuck on what to sing for my uptempo: I like Look at Me Now and Life of the Party from The Wild Party (but look at me now is a little too high for me to belt comfortably), I like Let's Hear It For The Boy from Footloose (which is in my range but doesn't quite show off my voice so much)...and then there is Magenta's part in Time Warp, which I can totally totally rock out to...but will that be unprofessional/looked down upon? What if I pair it with something legit to show that I do know my stuff? Would it be better to sing something legit and something pop/rock musical-ish..or something that shows a pretty normal belt...I'm a really versatile singer, so I'd like to show the contrast...

What about Special from AVenue Q? Is that too well-known? And what would it be considered? It's not really an uptempo OR a ballad, is it?

Aggh, this is driving me insane, and my first audition is Feb. 9th! Does anyone have any ideas? The main point to this was...soprano-ey songs that are pretty easily cut, show character (I'd prefer something kind of angsty), and aren't extremely well known?

Responses GREATLY appreciated!! Also, has anyone here done the dance audition at Boston Conservatory and Penn State? Are they hard? How much are they weighted? I am not much of a dancer...

Any other tips for any specific schools? So far, I'm applying to Temple, Penn State (really near me!), Boston Conservatory, and NYU (for the second time).

So, the nerves are starting to go a little crazy now. Help is very much appreciated!!

Thank you!!!


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Hey guys!
Once again i'm calling upon you all for a little bit of help. You see I have my UCF BFA acting audition on Feb.18, and I haven't even begun to start on my audition pieces. I'm not even sure where to begin, I haven't updated my audition pieces since high school, and some how I don't feel that the same things I used at 16 will cut it at 20. Call me paranoid but I think transfering from a community college they may expect a little bit more. I look young, and have a rather "childish" voice, so my believable age range is late teens to early 20's. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for audition pieces that aren't extremely overdone (please no star spangled girl!)I need 2 contrasting monos totaling no more than 3 mins.
Thanks guys!
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So...yes...yet another new member here. Yeah, I'm a fan of many little known musicals out there. Right now I'm really infatuated with Company, Parade, and Bare: A Pop Opera. With that said, I also really like:
-The Last 5 Years (Which is probably my favorite musical, but nowadays not exactly the most obscure)
-Songs for a New World
That's all that's coming right now, but I'm sure there's more.
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Hey, hopefully somebody can help me. The drama teachers at my school just announced that the spring musical will be City Of Angels. Can somebody please tell me what it is about or give me music to it? ANY information is greatly appreciated.

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Hello everyone!

I'm Emily and I'm new. :D I decided that it was about time to follow up on those obscure B-way shows I love...that and my flist is positively flooded with Rent posts, ack.

Anyway, I'm 18 and a freshman in college. I've been a musical fan since I was 8, I think. Here's my list of obscure musicals that I heart:

1) Little Shop of Horrors
2) Songs for a New World
3) A Little Night Music
4) Sunday In the Park with George
5) Hedwig and the Angry Inch (I think this one counts.)
6) Bare
7) Newsies
8) Martin Guerre (but I LOST my soundtrack, argh!)
9) Into the Woods
10) Damn Yankees!
11) Brigadoon
12) Notre-dame de Paris
13) This one, I'm not sure if it's obscure, since it's just been revived: You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown
14) Again, if it counts: 42nd Street
15) Side Show
16) Assassians
17) AIDA
18) tick, tick...BOOM!
19) Thoroughly Modern Millie.

Wow. There's a lot more than I had thought. XD That doesn't even include the popular musicals I like...

I'm completely up for recs and such. :D
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I'm trying to build up and expand my audition repertoire with more obscure broadway style songs.
I am a dramatic soprano (who'da thunk there was a whole octave below middle C I hadn't touched until a month ago? hah!) and I like to keep things up in my higher register mostly, but I am exploring and developing my lower range currently so that stuff is good too.

Any suggestions or recommendations?
Thanks in advance. :)

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I'd never seen this community before... it's a wonder what I find on LJ! Anyway, hi, I've been a musical nut since 1st grade... but I only started to get into more obscure stuff my later years of high school. I think it's so sad that so many wonderful shows, much better than a lot of the "famous" ones, never got the recognition that they so sorely deserve.

Anyway... some of my favorite obscure shows are: The Light in the Piazza (if it counts?) Parade, Passion (favorite Sondheim show,) Side Show ... hang on, does Ragtime count?... Jane Eyre Blood Brothers (I confess that I hadn't heard of it until I saw it in London... wow!) and Les Dix Commandements. I also like several songs from The Life, though I don't listen to the entire thing on a regular basis.

You've probably noticed that most of my list consists of shows that won Best Score/Lyrics--except for poor Side Show, which didn't even win that IIRC!--but lost the Best Musical (or a similar category that it deserved.) Because of this, I've pretty much come to the conclusion that the Tony Awards are pretty much a joke now.

Anyway, looking forward to posting here!

The Full Monty

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Does anyone have the song "It's a woman's world" from The Full Monty.
If so, can you please send it to Czy4GnR57@aol.com.

I would love you forever.