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Encores! officially announced their 2008 season today, and I'm very excited about their choices:

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* Applause, the 1970 Tony winner based on All About Eve about the backstabbing world of theatre people, score by Charles Strouse and Lee Adams (Bye Bye Birdie, Golden Boy) and book by Comden & Green. Originally starring Lauren Bacall in the Bette Davis role of Broadway grande dame Margo Channing, Applause will star recent Tony winner Christine Ebersole, who will be able to give full justice to the vocals, unlike her gravel-voiced predecessor. The show is also notorious for launching the career of ever-perky Bonnie Franklin, and for being the first major musical to have a number (the propulsive "But Alive" featuring the sassy lyric "I'm half-Tijuana, half-Boston/Partlyy Jane Fonda and partly Jane Austen) set in a gay bar. A recent revival of the show at Paper Mill Playhouse in NJ starred an underpowered Stefanie Powers and was reset in All About Eve's original setting, the 50's, but the score remains locked into pure 70's Broadway; some great songs, some truly awful ones, complete with some delightfully garish glosses on rock music.

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* Juno, the well-regarded but unsuccessful 1959 adaptation of Sean O'Casey's Juno and the Paycock by Joseph Stein (Fiddler) and Marc Blitzstein (The Cradle Will Rock, the mega-successful 1954 translation of Threepenny Opera) originally starred Shirley Booth and Melvyn Douglas, concerns the struggle of a poor but plucky family during the Irish rebellion. Featuring the beautifully wistful "I Wish It So," this is one of the few outright flops that Encores is producing. I'm glad that they include such fare among the more commercial names, since the piece does have a sterling serious score that remains unknown and underappreciated by the general public.

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* No, No, Nanette, the 1925 frothy toe-tapper by Vincent Youmans and Irving Caesar featuring such evergreens as "Tea for Two" and "I Want to Be Happy" and wall-to-wall tapping. With nothing on its agenda but providing fun, Nanette was a big success in the twenties, but an even bigger success in a galvanic 1971 revival starring Ruby Keeler, Bobby Van and Helen Gallagher that re-orchestrated and re-vamped the show, and it is that production that will be the basis for the Encores presentation. One role has already been cast: the non-singing comic relief part of Pauline the maid (played by veteran Patsy Kelley in the revival) will be played by none other than Rosie O'Donnell.

Luckily, we upgraded our subscription to include dress rehearsal passes for all three productions, so this should be a good season.
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Looking for some guidance...

Hello world.

I plan on auditioning for Berklee College of Music soon. If I get in, I plan on focusing on pop music. BUT, I'm not quite sure what to audition with. After speaking with someone from the school, they said auditioning with a musical theatre song OR a pop song are both acceptable, but I should know that the Vocal Performance major doesn't really offer classes for the musical theatre genre. SO, I was thinking of doing a musical theatre song that is more along the lines of pop music.

With that said, please leave comments with songs from shows that you consider "poppy" and leave room for creativity (such as adding riffs and such).

I could really use some suggestions! I'm a baritone-tenor just so you all know!

Thanks a lot everyone, happy new year!

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Ani; Boom baby

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  I was wondering, I've been looking for this EVERYWHERE. Does anybody have James Barbour's Broadway in Concert (sometimes called Back to Broadway)? Or his Love Songs cd? 

 I'm kind of on a James Barbour kick.

Or if anybody has any of his stuff I don't, I'll welcome that too. I've got Assassins, Jane Eyre, and the Dracula Concept Recording. 

Ani; Boom baby

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I just joined this group, but I was wondering if anybody had the Bright Lights, Big City and/or Assassins OBCR's that they'd be willing to send me.

If you want to trade I have:

25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
All Shook Up
Beauty and the Beast
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
The Full Monty
Jersey Boys
The Lion King
Little Shop of Horrors (Revival Cast)
Rent (Movie soundtrack)
Sweeney Todd (Revival Cast) 
The Wedding Singer
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the little mermaid demo

Hi all,

I'm having the worst time with something. I'm one of those neurotic people that have to have their iTunes labeled as accurately possible. At the moment, I am struggling with The Little Mermaid Demo. I believe it counts as obscure. I am having trouble finding info on it. I know that Kerry Butler is Ariel and Emily Skinner (♥) is Ursula, but other than that, nothing seems too clear. I have seen people claim that Scuttle is Buddy Hackett and it does sound like him, but I suppose I'm doubtful because he was an old man when this was recorded :)

Any help at all is greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!
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christmas invasion


hello! I have a quick question for whoever it is that can answer it. Two weeks ago my friend had me listen to a song called "When She Danced" from a musical called "In My Life". I absolutely adored the song. I tried looking up the show and found out that it had a VERY short run from October to December 2005 in the Music Box Theatre and was...just plain odd. I don't believe it has a cast recording, I'm not entirely sure where or how she managed to get the song on CD, but in any case I can't find it anywhere. I was wondering if anyone might have the lyrics to this song or know of anyplace where I might be able to find it? It was a gorgeous song and I really loved it.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me! :)
Pride's Crossing

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So I'm in need of help:

I've been asked to sing at a banquet honoring my high school drama teahcer, and since I can only be in town for the event itself, they've asked me to pick a song to bring in.

Anyone have any suggestions?

the song should be:

- A Solo (Tenor or Baritone, but I can always futz with transpositions)
- Topical (About teachers, learning, the theatre, high school, etc.)
- Not too hard on the piano (for the sake of the accompaniest-- Wow, that's not spelled right)

Help me out! Thanks.