David (xtrojan05x) wrote in obscurebroadway,

Looking for some guidance...

Hello world.

I plan on auditioning for Berklee College of Music soon. If I get in, I plan on focusing on pop music. BUT, I'm not quite sure what to audition with. After speaking with someone from the school, they said auditioning with a musical theatre song OR a pop song are both acceptable, but I should know that the Vocal Performance major doesn't really offer classes for the musical theatre genre. SO, I was thinking of doing a musical theatre song that is more along the lines of pop music.

With that said, please leave comments with songs from shows that you consider "poppy" and leave room for creativity (such as adding riffs and such).

I could really use some suggestions! I'm a baritone-tenor just so you all know!

Thanks a lot everyone, happy new year!

(Cross posted to a few other communities).
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