everytime I look at you I go blind (only_a_dream) wrote in obscurebroadway,
everytime I look at you I go blind

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the little mermaid demo

Hi all,

I'm having the worst time with something. I'm one of those neurotic people that have to have their iTunes labeled as accurately possible. At the moment, I am struggling with The Little Mermaid Demo. I believe it counts as obscure. I am having trouble finding info on it. I know that Kerry Butler is Ariel and Emily Skinner (♥) is Ursula, but other than that, nothing seems too clear. I have seen people claim that Scuttle is Buddy Hackett and it does sound like him, but I suppose I'm doubtful because he was an old man when this was recorded :)

Any help at all is greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!
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