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last ditch effort [01 Sep 2008|09:30pm]
The only thing I want in the whole wide world is the sheet music to "One Man Ain't Quite Enough" from Harold Arlen's House of Flowers.

If you've got it I will love you forever.
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Trade! [01 Sep 2008|10:06pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Hello guys :)

Following the example of other people, I would like to trade the musicals I have so far for any that James Barbour took part in. I already have Jane Eyre and  his CD  Broadway in Concert" but that's all I have of him. I'm particularly interested in Dracula and Assasins! So if you'd like to trade my e-mail is: cerulean.meny@gmail.com

Well, here are the Musicals I have:

Anything Goes (OBC)
Avenue Q (OBC)
Barnum (OBC)
Camelot (OBC)
Chess (OBC, OLC & Danish Cast)
Fiddler on the Roof
Funny Thing Happened Forum
Guys and Dolls (OLC is complete, the OBC is incomplete, though)
Hair (OBC)
Into the Woods (OBC)
Jane Eyre (OBC and the Toronto Cast)
Joseph and the Amazing Dreamcoat
Les Miseravles (OLC, OBC)
Monty Python's Spamalot (OBC)
My Fair Lady
Once Upon A Mattress
Ragtime (OBC and Toronto Cast)
Rent (OBC)
Sweeney Todd 2005 Revival
The Little Mermaid (OCR 2008)
The Phantom of The Opera (OLC)
The Producers (OCR)
Unsinkable Molly Brown (Film Version)
West Side Story (Original Score)
Wicked (OBC)

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