August 8th, 2004

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Hey all, I'm Ashley, and I'm new here. I am a theatre addict, and I love rooting out the strangest, least-known shows I can find. There's nothing better than discovering that musical gem at the back of the bargain bin! Now that I've got the obligatory introduction out of the way...

Has anyone seen the musical Metropolis? I just saw it at Easlight in East Peoria, IL, and it was incredible! The music was absolutely gorgeous, the set was incredible, and the performances were phenomenal. Sadly, the plot was swiss cheese... and from what I understand, good old Eddie the director was the one holding the scissors. Anyway, I was hoping someone could fill me in on some of the gaping holes in the plot... for instance, what exactly was George there for in the non-butchered version of the show? How in the heck did Steven and Maria wind up in love? Was there some warning of an impending oxygen crisis before it actually happened? And how did Warner realize that Maria was... well, if you've seen the show, you know what he figures out. I just want to know what brings him to that realization. Or perhaps you could just reassure me that the plot is, in fact, severely disjointed in any version of the show. And come to think of it, you could point me to an Original Cast Recording... I know, I ask a lot.

I have to say, it is best that some Broadway does remain out of the limelight. I recently purchased Sondheim's show "Bounce," and I couldn't even finish listening to it. Thank goodness I had a gift certificate... I don't think I could sleep at night knowing I wasted money on that show!
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I recently bought Floyd Collins, Flahooley and Fine and Dandy to venture into somewhat obscure things. What are some recommendations of obscure shows still in print?
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