August 6th, 2004

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Hallo! I thought I'd introduce myself in an obligatory "first post," as I have absolutely nothing else to say. My name is Anne and I love Broadway. I don't know how much "obscure" stuff I'm familiar with, but I thought I'd join here anyway. I'm going to be a senior in high school, and my goal for the next year is to get into music conservatories for vocal performance--I'm looking to dual degree in voice and liberal arts, so...Oberlin or Northwestern at this point. Hope that all works out the way I want it to.

On the musical theater front, I'm auditioning for Into the Woods at a local youth theater in less than two weeks. I played Cinderella at school in February, and I'd love to play the Witch or the Baker's Wife this time around. I'm a high soprano, but I've been singing low alto since fourth grade and I've got a really strong lower register. Trouble is that I have virtually no lower songs in my repertorie, save "The Miller's Son," which I don't know well enough and I don't want to spring anything like that on an accompanist. Any suggestions? Make 'em reasonably easy to find in sheet music, please!

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hi, my name is nicole and i am going to be auditioning for some colleges in the fall for musical theatre. for the auditions, i would rather use songs that are less likely to be performed by other people. hence posting in the "obscure broadway" community. i am a soprano who loves to belt, and as you probably know, there arent many songs that incorporate both. i would appreciate any suggestions any of you have to offer.

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So yea. I am getting ready. its about that time, you auditions. What schools are every one applying to? and what are you guys going to major in? I am only auditiong for like 5.

1st choice - The Boston Conservatory
2nd choice - Roosevelt University
3rd choice - University of the Arts
4th Choice - FSU
5th choice - UCF

Major - Musical Theatre
Major - Theatre Education
Minor - Theatre management
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