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*OBSCURE BROADWAY* -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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Hey all [15 Jul 2004|12:53am]
Hey folks - I'm Sarah, and I've just joined. I love to see what kind of things are obscure, and what people think. I've just recently received the cast recording for the one-time off-Broadway show Inside Out, about five women in group therapy together. I'm not sure if I like it, but I think it has potential. (I feel the same way about the panned Thou Shalt Not. I love that music, but I'll acknowledge that the show didn't work.) I don't mean to sound like some kind of expert or anything, I hope I'm not. I just think Inside Out (if there's anyone that knows it) would work better as a series of story songs - more like Closer Than Ever or Songs for a New World or even The Last 5 Years.

Just thought I'd throw that stuff out there, and if anyone had anything to say about it or the other shows I mentioned...

So... hi. Happy sharing, everyone.
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questions. [15 Jul 2004|01:02am]
[ mood | chipper ]

Hey all. I just got done doing a performance of "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown." We had a rocking audience tonight. Well over 900 people and they were one of the best audiences that we have had. Okay, here is one that you all can add to your lists, if you haven't seen it already. Floyd Collins!

1. How many of you have heard of Floyd Collins?

2. Who thinks that Newsies should be a stage musical?


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MWRA [15 Jul 2004|12:17pm]
[ mood | curious ]

first off, props to a great community.

second, merrily we roll along. sondheim's 2nd least known show. only got 14 performances the first time around, and was revived in the early 90's (correct me if i'm wrong, i didn't double check that) for another short run.

it's great music, and i love the way that the story goes backwards.

any theories as to why it's flopped twice?

i'm personally hoping that they try a second revival, but i'm not sure it'll happen any time soon...

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Obscure Musicals [15 Jul 2004|12:36pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I've been a theatre freak since about 1988, so I've seen a lot of good musicals pass right by.

How about "Romance, Romance" and "Baby"? :)

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[15 Jul 2004|04:57pm]
Hey everyone. I've seen both versions of Bombay Dreams (West End and Broadway) and it's my all-time favorite musical right now. Has anyone else seen either version? It's a truly great show even though the reviews tore it up and deserves a lot more recognition than it's getting right now.
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PARADE [15 Jul 2004|06:46pm]
ummmm i definatly think parade needs to b more well known. it has an AMAZING (TRUE) STORY and the music is AMAZING aswell. anythoughts on this show?
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*MOD POST* [15 Jul 2004|07:45pm]
Hello all. Well, I'm glad that in 1.5 days we have about 25 members who seem to enjoy this community! Thanks again for joining, and get your friends to come and talk with us! Would any of you care to make a broadway background for the community? It's most definitely lacking that broadway feeling! :-) Let me know!

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