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Special sales

List is open for sales. Trading for my wants
$4 per show.
$20 for 10 shows
$30 for 15 shows
$6 per show
$30 for 10 shows
$40 for 15 shows
If you want more we will price then

Contact at thetimedragonclock@yahoo.com

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Hello. Finally the overhaul to the site is complete. Lots of cool things added and some things removed that are no longer for trade.
Open to sales and trading for wants.
I did however just notice that there are 3 shows with nft dates and those are not listed so I will let you know that if these shows are requested.
Can't wait to hear from you


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Serious wants

I am looking for pippin 1991 plays in the park
West side story 5/12/06
I am will to pay for these or trade them like 15:1 each.
Contact me for my list

  • barty80

Couple of wants

Hello there.
Is there a video of here lies love floating about? If so please contact me
Also desperately seeking anything goes nsmt, west side story 5/12/06 proshot, vobs if an Oklahoma proshot, and pippin plays in the park. Actually any plays in the park, and a non carrie underwood proshot of sound of music.
My site is undergoing an overhaul so I have my list on Dropbox. Email me if you have any of these


Thanks so much

Huge update

Hey. After an update of over 25 shows
We are open to sales or trading for wants.
Great pricing right now
Can do snail mail or online sales. Trades are online only
Can't wait to hear from you


I've recently had an update to my list
Open for sales for a special limited savings

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Wicked want

Hello everyone
Trading very unfairly to anyone who has wicked 6/1/08 dees last
in Chicago with dee and Kate.
My list is thetimedragonclock.weebly.com
Please include your list or site as well
Can't wait to hear from you