Christea Science Fiction (christeap) wrote in obscurebroadway,
Christea Science Fiction

last ditch effort

The only thing I want in the whole wide world is the sheet music to "One Man Ain't Quite Enough" from Harold Arlen's House of Flowers.

If you've got it I will love you forever.
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Go to your local library-- if it's ever been published, you should be able to get it on interlibrary loan.
Thank you - and also THANK YOU FOR YOUR GLORIOUS ICON because we are the last two Sifl and Olly fans.

I'm actually living in NYC and plan on taking a trip to the Performing Arts library... I did a search for their catalogue and the best thing I think I can do there is get the changes, which is cool, but not condusive for auditions...

But I will ask them about interlibrary loan.
You're definitely in the right city to be looking! If the PA library isn't hooked into the system, the other city public libraries are. I've definitely found some really obscure tunes that way. They can search by song, which is nice. Since this tune isn't in the selections (I have them and looked, along with a couple of Arlen books), it's likely just to be in the score. If it's never been in print, you might be able to get a Juliard or other music student to transcribe it on the cheap ;)
NYC libraries are the worst for ILL - they make you pay for it! The only public library I've ever been to where they've forced me to pay for ILL.